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An Inspirational Novel about Business & Life, Struggle & Success
by Lawrence Janesky
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There are millions of people who own small businesses – and millions struggle. 

The Highest Calling is the inspirational story of one of them – Troy Becker. Troy has struggled for 12 years with his remodeling business. Not making much money, working 70 hours a week, his family life suffering – Troy is frustrated and confused.
One day, an old man named Cy mysteriously appears in Troy’s life – and keeps appearing. Cy, who is on a desperate journey of his own, comes to understand he has been put there to help Troy – but why? And how will he convince Troy to listen?
The Highest Calling is the story of helping others and of learning how to do the right things to succeed. Cy weaves the most important and powerful business principles into the lessons he delivers to his student. His teachings are beneficial to business people and managers alike.
The Highest Calling is more than an inspirational book. For those that seek, it is a powerful entrepreneurial education; one that will improve the lives of millions for a lifetime.
Lawrence Janesky
Lawrence Janesky is an entrepreneur, author, inventor, public speaker, and thinker. He is the primary instructor at The School of Entrepreneurship, founder and owner of Contractor Nation, and blogs daily on ThinkDaily.com.

Larry is an expert in creating and generating growth for businesses. Larry provides business education, development, and the tools for excellence to contracting businesses. His goal is to improve the lives of millions of business owners, their employees, their customers, and humanity in general. Larry is a highly successful author of five books, acclaimed speaker, inventor with 29 patents, and business leader with 31 years of industry knowledge and real word accountability.
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“This book is destined to become a classic! Larry has masterfully assembled dozens of critical business lessons into an entertaining and emotional story of how it can happen in the real world for business owners. You must read this powerful book!”
- Brian Tracy, Author of The Psychology of Achievement and Advanced Selling Techniques.

“I loved The Highest Calling and am eager to share it with everyone I know. Larry captures the soul of business. This novel is a must read for anyone over 15 years of age! Enjoy!”
- Juli Ann Reynolds, President & CEO, the Tom Peters Company

“This book is written by one who knows. If you own a business or just dream of starting one, you cannot fail to learn something from this book. I made my own to-do list with the gems of wisdom found throughout.”
- Dan Ogden, President, Dock Street Asset Management

“The Highest is a thoughtful parable and an engaging story. It reads like a blend of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” and “Think and Grow Rich”. Mr. Janesky is giving away the keys to the kingdom here and if you’re smart you’ll take advantage of it!”
- Beverly Sastri, MBA, business trainer

“This powerfully gripping book captured my attention right away. I identified with it, I laughed, I cried, I learned. The Highest Calling is a must read for anyone who wants to succeed in their own business.”
- Robert Graves
“Larry has skillfully woven excellent business principles, some known and some unique, into the fabric of this heartwarming story so smoothly, that you can almost miss their impact. When I did my MBA I read a lot of business works – but this is the most informative and enjoyable that I can remember. If I teach in business school again, I will make it required reading!”
- Larry Walters, MBA, Attorney and Businessman
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